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The University of Goroka has Seven Research Centres

Center for Melanesian Studies

Centre for Social and Creative Media

Centre for Biotechnological Research

Centre for Educational Research

Centre for Glen Lean Ethno-Mathematics Research

Centre for Confucius Education, Culture and Research

Centre for Natural Resources Research and Development

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SRI News Letter

Issue 2


SRI News Letter

Issue 1


Mr Kele Yako

Mr. Kele Yako has just completed his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the University of Queensland and is

SRI Seminar
Wednesday 22nd May 2024





Paper Title: ‘Concepts of Ethical Leadership in Management’


It was a double header event yesterday for the Somare Research Institute (SRI) at the University of Goroka with their launch of the SRI website, and the first of their research seminar presentations for the year, 2024.

Key Areas of Success for SRI

  1. Research Program
  2. Graduate Program
  3. National Government Research Priority
  4. Research Collaboration and Partnership
  5. Community Outreach

Reporting Structure for the Somare Research Institute


PVC's Office

Office of Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic, Research, and Innovation)

PVC's Office

Office of Pro Vice Chancellor (Policy and Planning)


SRI Director

Office of Executive Director Somare Research Institute

Schools and Institutions

School/Institution Research & Publication Committee

School/Institute Ethics Committee

Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation offers start to finish types of assistance to help examination and advancement improvement, from introductory financing through to commercialization.

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Strategic Action Plan for the Somare Research Institute

Research Program

  • Seek academic research publications in A & B Journals
  • Ensure the Institute has national and international impact
  • Increase the number of research partners
  • Identify research gaps and attract funding

Graduate Program

  • Postgraduate Training
  • Research Supervision
  • Postgraduate Collaboration
  • Graduate Fellowship Program

National Research Agenda

  • Respond to government research priority
  • Developing Focus Research Fields
  • Contribute to Knowledge Gap
  • Serve as a research arm for the industry

Research Collaboration & Partnership

  • Establish policies for research collaboration locally and internationally
  • Conduct national conferences, workshops, and research training programs
  • Bid for national and international research funding
  • Develop and share best practices, tools, and methodologies

Community Outreach

  • Media, Communication, and Marketing
  • University Website
  • Regular Consultation between the Research Centres and the SRI
  • Communicate research output to government, industry, and community


Feedback on SRI seminar series

"UOG SRI Series has been helpful. I learned a lot from the presentations being carried out. I learned about Research and its importance and how it should and can be carried out. As a student, the program has motivated me to pursue my education to the highest level"

Millenium Akipe
Year 3 student – Bachelor of Education University of Goroka

"In UOG, SRI becomes the platform for creation of new knowledge. New Knowledge enhances quality teaching. So SRI should be fully supported by UOG & other stakeholders to continue engage into research, information publication and creation of more new knowledge"

Mr. Ben Koma
Honors student, School of Humanities Senior Tutor - Learning & Teaching University of Goroka

"SRI is very important nerve centre of the University of Goroka to faster authentic, Scholarly World Ranked Research and Publication to make impact on the society. It has played a vital role in disseminating world class research output, which has so far influenced PNG, the Pacific region and the world at large"

Mr. John Rombo
Head of Department of Special Inclusive School of Education - UOG

Frequently asked questions

Register your interest to present a paper at the SRI Seminar Series.

Who is eligible to present at the SRI Seminar Series? UOG Academics, postgraduate students, and external research collaborators and researchers.  

Tribute to Late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare


Alois Chapusu Ndrewou


Shout aloud in unity!

In every home in PNG

Recalling days of history


Michael Somare - that’s the name!

In you the nation rose from base

Creating paths to set the pace

Halting doubts, upholding faith

Anchored in the light of grace

Erasing darkness in the pane

Like a dad you paved the way

Taught us love and unity

Helping those with earnest needs

Observing how we treat the trees

Manning well our healthy seas

And treasures in our land beneath

So we can smile for centuries


Sir, now you left us fit to reign

Once we find the way to sway

May we take the time to say

All our dreams did have a frame

Recalling tales of works you made

Endless love for all you laid.

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