For the first time since its inception, Dr Jane Awi has yet delivered another milestone achievement for the newly created Somare Research Institute by making accessible an e-journal on-line platform for published Journals of UOG.

This was unveiled during the launch of the Journal of Melanesian Perspectives this week.

The former Vice Chancellor Musawe Sinebare said the aim of this Journal is to showcase the wealth of PNG Indigenous perspectives, knowledge and culture and UOG must be a leader in this area of preserving the cultural knowledge.

Unveiled during the launch was the link ( ejournal) from the main UOG website.

This was a cause for celebration as this now ends seminar papers being left to collect dust; academics are now given the opportunity to put forward research proposals starting next year; all research outputs will be scrutinized by external editors and experts in the field; more citations by others internationally, gives prominence to author/ authors and it is easily accessible for staff and students in doing local research.

This now means there is an e-journal and paper journals. Apart from the School of Humanities, the School of Education has published its own journal (Volume 1, Issues 1 & 2) as well. A date is yet to be announced for the Issue 2 launch. This Journal will also be available online.

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