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The yearly Youth Arts Program in Port Moresby last month, was an opportunity for the four third year students to experience the city life.

For many it was an eye opener as they visited four secondary schools (Marianville, De La Salle, Kundu International and Paradise Secondary)apart from the famous Moresby Arts Theatre.

Despite all the glitz and glamour of their stay in Port Moresby the students felt that they did not thoroughly enjoy the sessions as anticipated as they had to wear face masks throughout their entire sessions and felt this as a “great hindrance” when trying to express through body language what they tried hard to express vocally.

Program Coordinator, Dr Jane Awi said, that Moresby Arts Theatre set up a new program, known as a Mentorship Program, which a select group of adolescents (outstanding performers from Secondary Schools), are selected.

The students under this program receive in-house theatre training with MAT and a day curriculum session (Process Drama ) with Dr Jane Awi.

The aim of the program is to instill in students interest in Drama and Theatre and Creative Industry. This in the long term helps them to be confident in public speaking, think spontaneously and come up with creative solutions and networking.

Equal Playing Field and Critical Thinkers Movement were the two NGO’s that assisted the students by talking about Corruption, Gender Based Violence and Freedom of Speech.

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