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 School of Humanities   
 Establishment No# Designation Classification Location (Dvision)
621015  Professor (History) U6.1  Social Science
611011  Associate Professor U5.1  Communication & Creative Arts
 661007  Senior Lecturer U4.1  Social Science
 601001  Lecturer U3.1  Life Skills
 601003  Lecturer U3.1 Language & Literature
841002 Lecturer (Projects) U3.1 CSCM
841003 Lecturer (Research) U3.1 CSCM
661016 Lecturer U3.1 Business Studies
601003 Tutor U1.1 Life Skills
School of Science & Technology
631007 Executive Dean U6.1 School of Education
681021 Professor U6.1 Teaching & Learning
681022 Professor U6.1 Teaching & Learning
681015 Associate Professor U5.1 Teaching & Learning
641001 Senior Lecturer U4.1 Curriculum studies & Special Inclusive Education
681006 Senior Lecturer U4.1 Education & Leadership Management
681018 Senior Tutor U2.1 Teaching & Learning
Institute of Distance & Flexible Learning (IDFL)
811008 Lecturer U3.1 IDFL
812010 Graphic Designer PS 8.1 IDFL
Central Administration and Administrative Support Divisions
733002 Deputy Manager PS 16.1 Human Resource
723005 Medical Officer PS14.1 Student Welfare
713009 Legal Officer PS14.1 Central Administration
753015 Assistant Bursar PS13.1 Bursary
702011 Network Administrator PS13.1 ICT
832003 Project Technical Officer PS13.1 Policy & Planning Division
843001 Quality Assurance Team Leader PS13.1 Central Administration
843002 Quality Assurance Officer PS 12.1 Central Administration
833008 Academic Planning Officer PS 12.1 Policy & Planning Division
767004 Executive Officer PS 11.1 Postgraduate Studies
702012 PC Support Officer PS10.1 ICT
753013 Procurement Officer PS 10.1 Bursary
793003 Administrative Officer PS 10.1 Student Administration
793011 Senior Admin Officer PS 10.1 Student Administration
702004 Help Desk Officer PS 8.1 ICT
793010 Records Officer PS 8.1 Student Administration
693022 Library Officer PS 8.1 University Library
793013 Admission Officer PS 8.1 Student Administration
723013 International Std Prog Officer PS 8.1 Student Welfare
796004 Secretary/Records Officer PS 7.1 Student Administration
Academic Position
 Salary Grade Base Salary
 U6.1  K83462
 U5.1  K67645
 U4.1  K55323
 U3.1  K45721
 U2.1  K38286
 U1.1  K32506

1. National Academic appointments from U1 – U6 attract DMA, ATA calculated at 20% of Base salary plus DMA and gratuity calculated at 25% of base salary plus DMA

2. Non – National appointments from U3 – U6 attract IMA and gratuity calculated at 30% of Base salary plus IMA

Applications will be treated as strictly confidential and should include a letter of expression of interest, a fully updated CV, certified copies of educational transcripts, degrees, awards, samples of latest publications, two recent passport size photographs, names and addresses of three recent referees and date of availability. In order to expedite procedures, applicants are advised to contact referees to send confidential reports directly to the university without waiting to be contacted. Previous applicants should not apply again and applicants that do not receive any correspondence from UOG should consider your applications unsuccessful.

All applications should be forwarded in hard copies with a separate application for each position vacancy to:

The Manager,
Human Resources Division,
The University of Goroka,
PO Box 1078,

Applications close on Friday 10th September 2021 at 4:06 pm or by the date of a postage stamp from the post office.

Non-Academic Position
 Salary Grade Base Salary
PS 16  K52259
PS 14  K43196
PS 13  K39939
PS 12  K37103
PS 11  K33338
PS 10  K29528
PS 8  K23483
PS 7  K21150
Positions from PBSS grade 11 and above attracts DMA and gratuity calculated at 25% of base salary plus DMA

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STAT-P is an admissions requirement of the PNG University of Technology (PNGUOT) and the University of Goroka (UOG). The test is compulsory for applicants to the PNG University of Technology (PNGUOT) and the University of Goroka (UOG).

This applies to:

  • All School Leavers (SLs) applying to PNGUOT or UOG, and
  • All pre-service non-School Leavers (non-SLs) applying to UOG.

If SL applicants to PNGUOT and UOG, and pre-service non-SL applicants to UOG do not obtain STAT-P test results, they will not be considered for admission to the two universities.

One new STAT-P TEST CENTRE (Wabag) has been added on the list of test centres for this year bringing the total test centres to Eighteen (18).

UOG Student Administration Office
Phone: 531 1735
WhatsApp: 79761747 or 72346921
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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20201111 3The University of Goroka offers Specialized Degree, and Diploma Programs in the School of Education, School of Humanities, School of Science and Technology, Institute of Technical Vocational Education and Training, Institute of Post Graduate Studies, Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning, and UOG Enga Campus. It now calls for applications for enrolment/re-enrolment for all Postgraduate and Undergraduate programs in 2022.

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The University of Goroka hosted another successful graduation ceremony where over 1300 students graduated last week. It was the 24th graduation ceremony and this graduation ceremony split into two events due to the Covid-19 situation.

About The University of Goroka

The University of Goroka (UOG) is the third largest of the six universities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and is by far the largest teacher education institution. The University was formed in 1997 from two faculties...


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