The University of Goroka (UOG) is the third largest of the six universities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and is by far the largest teacher education institution. The University was formed in 1997 from two faculties of the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), Goroka Teacher’s College (GTC) and the Faculty of Education. Integration and expansion in Goroka has allowed their programs to be rationalized and upgraded through continuous reviews.

UOG’s antecedents date back to 1961, when Goroka Teachers College commenced Primary Teacher Training under the Department of Education. In 1968, the College converted to Secondary Teacher Training, and it became part of UPNG in 1975. The College mainly concentrated on pre-service undergraduate diploma programs for secondary teachers, although it also trained teachers in Agriculture, Health, Secretarial Studies, and Technical Education. Over the years, intake standards and the length of its main courses increased. In the meantime, the Faculty of Education had started in 1970 at UPNG to offer bachelor degrees in Education, later offering these as Pre-service and In-service programs, as well as establishing diploma and post-graduate programs. The programs were targeted at a mix of primary and secondary teachers, primary teacher educators, and educational administrators.

In 1992, as a result of the National Education Reform and PNG’s Higher Education Plan, the UPNG Council decided to unify teacher education programs in Goroka. In 1995, the Goroka Campus of UPNG enrolled its first Bachelor of Education (BEd) intake. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), BEd Honours and Master of Education (MEd) degree students were admitted in subsequent years. The Government of Papua New Guinea declared the University of Goroka to be a fully-fledged University in 1997 by an Act of Parliament (UOG Act, 1997).

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To be the Quality and Professional Teacher Education University in PNG and South West Pacific through excellence in teaching, learning, research and effective stakeholder partnership.

To train and produce quality teachers for all levels of learning and professionals who are highly skilled, competent, research-oriented and lifelong learners for nation-building.

The core values of the University are:

  1. Provision of quality teacher education that is accessible, equitable and empowering;

  2. Promotion of excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and community service;

  3. Appreciation for diversity and respect for multicultural values;

  4. Development of collaborations and strategic partnerships with other institutions and organisations nationally and internationally;

  5. Promotion of innovative and critical thinking, practice and lifelong learning;

  6. Empowerment of staff and students through digital literacy and skills;

  7. Promotion of professionalism and diligence among staff and students;

  8. Upholding sustainability of resources and resilience of infrastructure;

  9. Promotion of gender equality, equal opportunity and Integral Human Development;

  10. Practising principles of good governance, accountability and transparency; and

  11. Upholding Christian principles, ethics and moral values.

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The University of Goroka (UOG) is the third largest of the six universities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and is by far the largest teacher education institution. The University was formed in 1997 from two faculties...


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