Unigor Limited 2018

Unigor Limited

P.O Box 1615
GOROKA, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
Telephone: +675 532 3779 or +675 531 1752
Facsimile: +675 532 3782
Email: Unigor-pa@unigoroka.ac.pg or kataj@unigoroka.ac.pg
Unigor Ltd is a business arm of The University of Goroka, incorporated in 2000 as Unigor Consultancy Ltd with consultancy & training interest. Over the years it diversified investments into merchandising; printery & publication; tourism & hospitality including restaurant, bakery, travel & logistics support service; and consultancy & training. Long term goal is to diversify and lead in consultancy & training services and distributor of educational print materials & stationary supplies in the region. It’s 2017 to 2019 Business Plan provides for growth in investments.

Unigor is focused to serve customers with diligence & quality service emphasising on:
Quality product,
Quality service, and
Premium price.

Unigor strives to maintain quality service and aggressive marketing of;
(a) customised training programs and consultancy services;
(b) printing & publication of books and customised print materials;
(c) general merchandise;
(d) tourism & hospitality products; -catering, travel & logistical support.

Unigor Ltd owns and manages;
➢ Unigor consultancy & training,
➢ Unigor bookshop,
➢ Unigor printery & publication,
➢ Unigor restaurant & bakery,
➢ Uni travel & support services,
➢ Unigor Humi Catering Ltd, as a Joint Venture Company.
Consultancy & Training
➢ Provision of professional consultancy & training programs by;

* Designing & conducting research, feasibility studies & social mapping impact assessment studies, compiling reports; disseminating knowledge through various forums,

* Designing & teaching certified teacher training progro Designing & teaching short-term clientele driven HR training courses;

* Leading & managing projects,

* Offering consultancy services to clients on development issues in management, education, business, sciences and the arts.

Unigor Ltd has its own Board apart from Unigor Humi Catering Ltd. The University as shareholder has Directors on both.
Current Board Directors:
Unigor Limited
Prof. Musawe Sinebare (Chairman)

Mr. Dilu Goma (Deputy Chairman)

Mr. Paul Frame,

Mr. Donald Gumbis,

Mr. Joseph Kata (Company Secretary)

Unigor Ltd provides management for its subsidiaries. Expertise and experiences vary from technical skills to professional scholars in different fields. Its Business Units are led by Managers with a total of 65 staff who support the Managing Director. Mr. Joseph Kata is the Managing Director of Unigor Ltd & its subsidiaries. He holds a MBA/PGCom (Uni W’gong Aust.); BEd & DipTech (UPNG). Previously held Senior Executive level positions in the public, private and NGO circles as; Founding Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Goroka, General Manager, Western Highlands Development Corporation Ltd; Operations Director, World Vision Pacific; Country Director, WWF Melanesia; founding Curator of Mt. Hagen City Hub of Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum.
Business Unit Managers
Mr. Wesley Charlie – Held Sales and managerial positions in past organisations. Currently, Manager Unigor Bookshop supported by six other staff.

Mr. David Takus – Skilled & many years of printing experience is Senior Supervisor Unigor Printery supported by six technical support staff.

Mr. Paul Yokond – Manager Unigor Humi Catering Ltd leading a team of 34 staff. Experienced and trained Chef who held management positions in the Tourism & Hospitality industry.

Mr. Takon Forerime for Restaurant & Bakery - very experienced chef / tradesman in the tourism & hospitality industry with 3 experienced chefs driving operations, supported by 5 other staff –Cooks and Stewards.

Consultancy unit is to be headed by Senior Programme Development Officer (SPDO) whose role is to lead project scoping, liaison, negotiations, and designing concept notes apart from facilitating
and coordinating all consultancy projects under its Unit. When a Project is won, a Manager with support staff are appointed to manage and implement project activities.
Currently the Managing Director is taking on the SPDO’s role to facilitate and oversee the Consultancy Unit while recruitment is underway to fill this position.
In the meantime, a Consultancy Team led by Dr. Sagir is available to take on any Social Mapping & Impact Assessment Projects in PNG. The full team includes;
Dr. Bill Francis Sagir – Team leader
Mr. Joseph Tumbe Mangi - Consultant
Mr. Vincent Pou - Consultant
Mr. Joseph Kata – Facilitator/Manager

Support team includes the HR Officer, two Finance Officers and Professional Assistant/Pay Roll Officer.

Capital Worth:
The University as the investor had initial capital investment of K10,000 in Unigor Consultancy Ltd. Its diversified investments worth K4m by 2009.

Bank Accounts:
Company banks with Bank South Pacific, PNG;
- Unigor Ltd Account # 1005842966
- Unigor Consultancy Ltd # 1000946020, &
- Unigor Humi Catering Ltd# 1003136791

Investment Promotion Authority:
As part of the legal requirement the investor registered several companies with the PNG Investment Promotion Authority. These include;
• Unigor Consultancy Ltd – IPA Registration Number 1-37818.
• Unigor Ltd – IPA Registration Number 1-76640.
• Unigor Humi Catering Ltd – IPA Registration Number 1-76973.
As of 2016 Unigor Consultancy and Unigor Ltd are merged and report as Unigor Ltd, while Unigor Humi Catering Ltd operates and reports independently.

Internal Revenue Commission:
Unigor Ltd trades and lodges returns using
the Tax Identification Number (TIN); 501105758 while Unigor Humi Catering ltd uses 500035838 as its TIN.

For further general information contact:

Office of the Managing Director
P O Box 1615 GOROKA, E.H.P. Papua New Guinea.
Telephone: +675 532 3779 or +675 531 1752
Facsimile: +675 532 3782
Email: Unigor-pa@unigoroka.ac.pg or kataj@unigoroka.ac.pg kataj@unigoroka.ac.pg

For specific information contact the following individuals:

Unigor Consultancy & Training
Email: kataj@unigoroka.ac.pg or
Dr. Bill F. Sagir; sagirb@unigoroka.ac.pg
Mr. Joe T. Mangi; mangij@unigoroka.ac.pg
Mr. Vincent Pou: vpouroma@yahoo.com

Unigor Bookshop
Telephone: +675 532 3782 or 531 1753/809 Email: charliew@unigoroka.ac.pg

Unigor Printery
Telephone: +675 531 1758 Email: davidt@unigoroka.ac.pg

Unigor Restaurant Telephone: +675 532 3779 or +675 5311752 Email: forerimet@unigoroka.ac.pg
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