Press Statement


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The University of Goroka was graced with the presence of South Korea’s World President for Saemaul Undong (SMU) Professor So Jin Kwang on 30th August, 2017. Professor So’s visit was organized by the School of Science and Technology under the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development. This is his first visit to Papua New Guinea.

Saemaul Undong is a South Korean model for Rural Development that made South Korea the only country in the world to transform itself from an Aid recipient country to a technologically advanced nation. SMU has gained new heights in the 21st century by expanding internationally through its membership. By 2016, 32 countries have signed uo for the Saemaul Undong Global Leave, with training provided in 147 countries.

SMU has established networks in PNG with an intension to enhance rural development. It is a movement focusing on change for a better life not only for individuals but also for all who aim at achieve a better life both physically and mentally. Saemaul Undong base itself on three key principles, empowering the spirit of Diligence, Self Help and Corporation.

In 2013, the United Nation’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Centre has registered Saemaul Undong as a model for development. The SMU experience is a living memory of the World Programme.

The University of Goroka through the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development is proposing to include the approach in its academic and extension programmes.

The presentation was open to both students and staff. Acting Vice Chancellor Mr Donald Gumbis, Executive Dean for the School of Science and Technology Dr. Sam Najike including senior staff of the university attended the presentation.

Mr. Gumbis thanked Professor So for sharing South Korea’s homegrown development model with the staff and students. He emphasized the need for PNG to adopt such model to rid PNG from its development struggles through community-focused policies and practices.

Approved for Release.

Professor Musawe Sinebare (PhD)
Vice Chancellor