Humilaveka Gaqo - Montly Newsletter by The University of Goroka
October Issue

23rd - 25th October
10th Papua New Guinea Human Rights Film Festival

21st November
Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM)
Papua New Guinea Chapter
3rd National Conference
Call for Abstratcs

Book Publications

1. Policies and Practices of Papua New Guinea Education
Professor Musawe Sinebare
Launching on Friday, October 25
2. Assessment Systems
Mr Moresby Goasa

STAT-P information for Students.

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Academic Staff

At this point of time there are so many national issues, like Climate change, food security, economical downfall etc. UOG has the capability of counter act on climate changes issues by initiating sustainable agricultural development and adaptation practices, promoting native crops through chemical analysis and tissue culture and opens the path for commercialization of potential material to improve local economy. Therefore to address national issues in UOG in terms of research and development


Ronald Aknonero - Masters of Science (MSc)

Happy Student

The best experience that happened to me at UOG was being the head lady for all the year one student. Working with children was diferrent from adault students, but with my God leading, I am leading these young people.


Esther McArthur Kaore - Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Happy Student

Failure is not an option. Getting into high learning institution is challenging. With the opportunity of having being selected to do study in IDFL mode is honoured.
Recommendation: There’s always a way to get into the system if you’re not selected through SLF. UOG has open the doors through Institute of Distance and Flexible Learning (IDFL). There’s courses from Diploma Level to Bachelor Degree offered through IDFL.


Peter Leo Boniwe - Diploma in Accounting (Institute of Distance & Flexible Learning)

Happy Student